Your Grounded, only this time its a reward and not a punishment. Stay grounded with some good old fashioned down-to-earth fun! One of our fantastic Land Tours or Rentals through nature will help bring you back to your center!

Here at AdventureTC, we offer several land based tours from Ziplining to Brewery and Winery Tours and Bicycle tours.  If you are looking for a rush of adrenaline, try ziplining through the scenic hills of Holiday Hills on a mammoth 700 foot zip.  Taste the colorful local cuisine and rinse it down with an equally dynamic mix of local handcrafted brews from the regions best local breweries.  Then jam out with your friends between stops to some of your favorite tunes on our super cool 6 seat Circle-Cycle.  If you want something more active, try a combo paddle/peddle tour where you peddle up to the boardman on one  our bicylces then paddle back through downtown on the river in a kayak, ending on West Grand Traverse Bay!